High-Paying Jobs in the Consumer Services Sector

Some people who work in business love dealing with people. A career in customer service might be perfect for you if you like talking to people, fixing problems, and getting along with clients and customers.

This piece will tell you about the best-paying customer service jobs, so you can decide what you want to do with your life.

1. Manager of CRM

    Customer relationship management, or CRM, is both a way of thinking and a kind of software. CRM software is often used to gather and organize information about customers so that sales and marketing staff can easily access it.

    With CRM software, sales, marketing, and customer service teams can keep track of complaints, questions, and interactions with customers over time.

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    Because of this, CRM managers are experts in this kind of software. They often work very closely with the marketing and sales teams to make sure that interactions with new and current customers are positive and successful and to solve problems for customers.

    The person in charge of CRM may also help salespeople get in touch with new leads or prospects. This way, the business always has new customers. Most CRM managers need to have a lot of experience working with customers.

    At least a high school diploma; many have a bachelor’s degree and know how to use the best CRM tools, such as Salesforce. The average salary for these people is $72,401 per year.

    2. Manager of Customer Service

      A client service manager is someone who works full-time with customers. Their main job is to make sure that a customer or buyer is happy with the goods and services that a business offers. The customer is represented by the client services manager, who asks questions and gets feedback.

      Client service managers are usually in charge of big groups of people who work in customer service, like salespeople and people who work in call centers. As part of their job, they have to train employees, make sure they follow the rules and start company policy projects.

      Most good client service managers already have a lot of experience dealing with customers. They also need to be very good at managing their time, communicating, and organizing. They make about $61,125 a year on average.

      3. Strategist for The Customer Experience

        Customer experience strategists are skilled and experienced professionals whose job is to turn marketing data into useful business insights.

        For example, they might look at a lot of different marketing statistics, such as

        • Clicks
        • Changes
        • How long someone stays on a page

        The customer experience strategist will then use that information to help companies learn a lot more about their ideal customers. They often make reports and analytics for the company and give extra tips and information to help with product development.

        Businesses can give customers better experiences with the help of customer experience planners.

        In turn, this usually leads to more sales, bigger profits, and a better reputation for the company as a whole. As a result, customer experience planners are some of the most useful people for any business. Every year, they make about $96,541.

        4. Manager of A Call Center

          There are people in charge of customer service centers, which are usually remote call centers that work for other companies. These people are called call center leaders or managers.

          Let’s say someone calls a company’s customer service number. That call might be picked up by a call center that is run by a manager or director.

          Call center managers are in charge of many things, such as hiring new agents and setting up classes for their employees’ training and professional growth. Call center managers may also need to make sure that business policies or operating strategies are followed and put into action.

          One example is that the boss of a call center might have to come up with a new way to make sure that customers who call the center are happy.

          But this manager job still has a lot of work to do with helping customers. A boss of a call center might even have to answer the phones or help clients who are angry or frustrated on any given day. Every year, they make $64,036.

          5. Manager of The Front Desk

            Front desk managers are trained managers who are in charge of the front desk staff at hotels, resorts, and other places. There is a concierge, several receptionists, night inspectors, and other staff under their charge.

            They have to keep the halls clean and nice-looking at all times and deal with any serious customer questions or complaints.

            High-Paying Jobs in the Consumer Services Sector

            If the job calls for it, front desk managers may also have duties like concierges, like meeting guests and answering the phone. The average amount they make a year is $41,846.

            6. A worker at A Help Desk

              Help desk analysts are IT experts who are also in charge of customer service. Most of the time, they help Internet or IT customers who are having problems with specific software or devices, like not being able to use the software correctly or running into a glitch.

              Help desk experts are people who work in IT and help customers. You can call, email, or use live support software to get help. When you do, they can take control of your technology and screen from away.

              A lot of help desk analysts also have other duties, like installing software updates, making sure security rules are followed, and putting up new computers. They make an average of $48,779 a year.

              7. Person in Charge of Technical Support

                A technical support representative’s job is to help customers with technical problems. For example, they can help customers troubleshoot, answer any questions, and work to fix problems with gear or software.

                Technical support workers can usually do their jobs from home, but they also often work in an office. They might work closely with help desk experts and people in other IT jobs.

                It costs $42,397 a year to be a technical help representative on average.

                8. An Account Manager

                  Account managers are experts in marketing agencies. They help client service staff members, like account managers and account leaders, with paperwork and management. They learn a lot about the accounts and clients of a business and help handle and organize them as needed.

                  These people are usually in charge of making contracts and other papers, keeping databases up to date, and setting up meetings.

                  They might work closely with the sales and marketing teams to make sure that the best customers are always happy and that the company is always looking for new high-value customers. It’s about $43,475 a year for them.

                  9. A flight Helper

                    Flight attendants work in and around airplanes every day and are experts in customer service.

                    These people can work for both private and public planes and are responsible for many things, such as

                    • Greeting the guests.
                    • Assisting people in finding places.
                    • Getting people their bags and helping them put them away.
                    • Make sure safety rules are followed and give guests safety rules.
                    • showing people how to follow safety procedures.
                    • Providing food and drinks during a flight.
                    • Giving advice and directions during flight emergencies.
                    • Between trips, the cabin is cleaned.

                    Many of the things that happen to flying passengers when they get on an airplane are the fault of these people. Because of this, they must also do a great job representing their businesses.

                    If you like going around airports, helping people, and making their trips great, you might want to become a flight attendant. Every year, they make about $39,392.

                    10. A person Who Works with Clients

                      Specialists in client relations are trained people who work with customers and may work for a variety of businesses and groups. No matter what, their main job is to make sure that clients and long-term users are happy.

                      Companies that depend on long-term clients and accounts, like subscription or software as a service (SaaS) businesses, need client relations experts more than any other type of business.

                      Customer service reps may talk to clients and answer questions in person or by email, depending on the needs of their job.

                      Some people who work in customer service also read and reply to online reviews from customers. This helps the company build a good reputation over time. They might collect and look over feedback from clients to find patterns or places where things could be better.

                      A lot of people who work in customer service end up becoming bosses of some kind. Every year, they make about $59,342.

                      11. Teller at A Bank

                        Everyday financial tasks are done by a bank teller, such as cashing checks, taking payments and withdrawals, sending and receiving money orders, and transferring money. They can help you with your daily financial tasks and are also sometimes called cashiers or customer service reps.

                        Tellers at banks are very helpful for a lot of different financial services because they can start and close accounts, help with loans, and more.

                        A bank worker makes an average of $35,110 a year.

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                        Get a job in customer service that pays well.

                        You can see that there are a lot of well-paying jobs in customer service. Pick the best one for your wants and needs and then start applying. Soon, you’ll be making more money than ever.

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