BC Income Assistance 2024: Payment Dates and Rates.

British Columbians who require financial support and lack other means to meet their necessities can apply for income assistance benefits.

Eligible applicants can also receive health insurance, supplements, and other forms of help in addition to this cash assistance.

This page discusses the BC income assistance dates for 2024, the current rates that apply, and how much you can receive.

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Dates of Payment for BC Income Assistance 2024

Dates for BC’s Income Assistance in 2024 are:

Benefit MonthIncome Assistance Date
February 2024January 17, 2024
March 2024February 14, 2024
AprilMarch 20, 2024
MayApril 17, 2024
JuneMay 15, 2024
JulyJune 19, 2024
AugustJuly 17, 2024
SeptemberAugust 21, 2024
OctoberSeptember 18, 2024
NovemberOctober 23, 2024
DecemberNovember 20, 2024
January 2025December 18, 2024

If you are registered for direct payments, these dates for BC income assistance correspond to the time that your benefits are placed into your bank account.

Payments are made to you on Wednesdays one to two weeks before the benefit month.

On these days in 2024, BC will also pay its PWD disability compensation.

Dates of BC Income Assistance Cheque 2024

Benefits from income assistance are also available to you by check. These checks were sent earlier to the Service BC office in your area.

Since income assistance checks are dated, you can deposit them with direct deposits on the same day.

An Explanation of BC Income Assistance

BC Income Assistance 2024: Payment Dates and Rates.

Programs for income assistance are intended to help people in Canada who are in extreme need of money.

  • These programs, also referred to as “welfare,” usually provide access to:
  • assistance with finances to cover necessities like clothing, food, and housing
  • Supplementary payments for services and supplies required to maintain the recipient’s physical and mental health
  • Employment provides assistance

BC Provides Income Support Every Month.

The Persons with Disabilities Benefits (PWD) and the Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers to Employment Benefit (PPMB) are two additional provincial income assistance programs in British Columbia.

Benefits of BC Income Assistance

Under “support allowance” and “shelter allowance,” financial assistance is given.

Your family’s circumstances, the ages of your children, the kind of shelter you live in, and other factors will all affect the overall amount you receive.

Eligible applicants can obtain general supplements and programs that cover the following in addition to support and housing:

  • Bus passes
  • Campsite charges
  • Christmas spending
  • Funeral expenses
  • Dogs that serve as guides and assistance
  • Deposits for pet damage
  • maternity refuge
  • Deposits for security
  • Moving
  • Journey
  • Security deposits for utilities
  • Buying cooperative shares

Eligible users can additionally obtain health supplements, which may cover the following:

  • Treatment for drugs and alcohol
  • nutritional supplements
  • prolonged medical care
  • medical supplies
  • medical transport
  • baby formula
  • Services for optics
  • Pharmacy Care
  • feeding via a tube
  • orthodontic and dental services
  • Additional options for hearing aids

WorkBC Employment Services also offers assistance with finding employment.

By giving clients access to training and other resources, they help them obtain jobs or improve their prospects of doing so.

After landing a job, you might be able to preserve certain benefits, such as children’s dental and vision care.

Amounts of BC Income Assistance in 2024

The size of your family and your circumstances will determine the greatest financial benefit you are eligible for.

One individual, for instance, may get up to $1,060. This sum consists of $500 in housing allowance and $560 in support allowance.

To determine how much aid you will receive, use the income assistance table rate below:


Allowance for Shelter:

Size of Family UnitMinimum Shelter Allowance Maximum Shelter Allowance
1 person$75$500
2 persons$150$695
3 persons$200$790
4 persons$225$840
5 persons$250$890
6 persons$275$940
7 persons$300$990

An additional monthly child benefits top-up supplement may be available to families with children under the age of 19.

When the unit size is more than seven, the minimum shelter allowance rises by an additional $25 for each additional dependent.

BC Income Assistance 2024: Payment Dates and Rates.

Additionally, if the unit size is greater than seven, the maximum shelter allowance benefits rise by an additional $50 for each additional dependent.

The aforementioned tables indicate the maximum amount you can receive:

  • $1,060 if you’re not married
  • $1,650 if you don’t have any kids and you and your partner are receiving financial support
  • $1,405 for a single parent raising a single child, and so on.

Standards for Eligibility for BC Income Assistance

If your income in British Columbia is insufficient to meet your basic needs, you may qualify for income support if you are unable to work, have lost your job, or are employed.

If you require immediate access to food, shelter, or medical care, assistance is also available.

You must actively look for a job for at least three weeks if this is your first time receiving income support. Those who are returning to income assistance are subject to the same work search requirements.

In certain situations, such as when a client’s medical or mental health prohibits them from working or when they are unable to work lawfully in Canada, the employment search criteria are waived.

An intake worker will do an eligibility evaluation if you are unemployed to evaluate your eligibility for income support.

Even if you don’t fit the criteria for financial aid or disability assistance, you can still be eligible for support. “Hardship Assistance” is the name given to this short-term, monthly assistance program.

How to Request Income Assistance in BC

Through the My Self Serve online portal, you can submit an online application for BC income support.

As an alternative, give 1-866-866-0800 a call or stop by the ministry office in your community.

There are offices spread over several communities, such as:

  • Vancouver
  • Coast/Vancouver Island
  • South Coast/Lower Mainland
  • Fraser Range
  • Kootenay/Thompson-Okanagan
  • Northeast, Cariboo, Nechako, and North Coast regions

You’ll need to supply details about your family, finances, bank account balance, assets, income, obligations, and eligibility for unemployment benefits, among other things, when you apply.

Additionally, you ought to have your social security number available.

What Happens if The Application for Income Assistance Is Rejected?

You have the right to ask for a reconsideration if your application for income or disability assistance is turned down.

After a decision is reached, you have up to 20 days to submit a request for reconsideration. For the form, call 1-866-866-0800 or get in touch with your local office.

You have the option to file an appeal if you’re not happy with the decision made after a reconsideration.

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An Increase in BC Income Assistance in 2024

The 2021 budget included a $175 monthly increase in income assistance and disability payments.

The BC Family Benefit was increased for eligible claimants in January, February, and March 2023 by up to $58.33 per kid per month.

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