Here’s the Scoop on Copyright Stuff at Safe Harbor: Love creativity? So do we! That’s why we’re all about protecting those creative vibes and rights. If you’ve stumbled upon something on our site that looks a lot like your masterpiece and you’re thinking, “Hey, I didn’t give the thumbs up for this,” we’re here to sort it out.

Spot Something Fishy? Let’s Chat:

Found your work hanging out on our site without your okay? Here’s how you can flag it down for us:

  1. What’s the masterpiece? Give us the lowdown on your work that’s been copied.
  2. Where’d you see it? Point us to where your work’s been chilling on our site.
  3. How can we reach you? Your email, phone, carrier pigeon’s name—however you prefer to chat.
  4. A little trust exercise: Tell us you really think the use of your work wasn’t part of the plan.
  5. Swear on your favorite coffee mug: A pinky promise that the info you’re giving us is the real deal.
  6. Autograph, please: Your John Hancock, digital or ink, just so we know it’s you.

Shoot Us an Email:

Ping us at [email protected] with the deets. We’re all eyes and ears and promise to get back to you quicker than you can say “copyright.”

What Happens Next?

We take your heads-up seriously. We’ll dive into it and if it checks out, we’ll do the right thing and pull the plug on the content.

Got a Counter-Move?

If your content got the boot and you’re shouting, “But wait, there’s a mix-up!” you can make your case. Just loop back to us with your side of the story, and we’ll give it a fair shake.

Just a Friendly Heads-Up:

Quick note – playing the false claim game can backfire, so let’s keep it real and honest, yeah?

We’re All Ears:

We’re here to keep things smooth and respectful for everyone in the creative pool. Thanks for keeping the vibes positive and creative!