Canada Child Benefit dates, amounts, extra payments, and who can get them

This page has information about the dates, amount, extra payment, and who can get the Canada Child Benefit. This article has a lot of useful information about the Canada Child Benefit Dates, Amount, Extra Payment, Eligibility, and other important topics.

Dates for the Canada Child Benefit

Canada Child Benefit is a monthly payment that Canadians receive that is not taxed and helps them pay for the costs of having children under the age of 18. People who live in Canada and have kids younger than 18 have signed up for the Canada Child Benefit program.

The payments are usually sent out on the 20th of every month. These are the times that the CRA will send the last monthly payments under the Canada Child Benefit: October 20, November 20, and December 13. People who are supposed to get payments should wait 5 business days before calling the CRA if they don’t get them by the due date.

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Canada Child Benefit Overview

NameCanada Child Benefit
Typenon‑taxable payment
Issued byCanada Revenue Agency
Monthly Payment$619.75/month for children under 6 years | $522.91/month for children aged 6 to 17 years
Payment dates20th Oct, 20th Nov, and 13th Dec

The Canada Child Benefit

Canada Child Benefit dates, amounts, extra payments, and who can get them

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is meant to help families and people with children under 18 years old who are qualified by giving them money. The person filing for the CCB should be the main person in charge of taking care of the child.

People can apply for the CCB if they:
  • Their child is born or moves in with them.
  • The person or their spouse starts to meet the requirements to get CCB.
People who want to apply for the CCB can also do either of these things:
  • Automated Application for Benefits
  • From my account, go to “Apply for Child Benefits.”
  • Fill out Form RC66

People who use My Account or send Form RC66 must also include proof that the child was born in Canada if the child was born outside of Canada or if the child was born in Canada and is at least 1 year old. The application should also look over the list of supporting papers and include them if they are needed. This will help the CRA keep application handling times as short as possible.

Who Can Get the Canada Child Benefit?

The following people can get the Canada Child Benefit:

  • The kids must be younger than 18 years old, and the people who want the CCB must live with the kids.
  • Applicants should mainly be in charge of the child, which means they should care for, educate, etc. the child.
  • Someone who lives in Canada should apply.

Apply for The Canada Child Benefit

Canada Child Benefit dates, amounts, extra payments, and who can get them

Most of the time, AFNI and the number of qualified children are used to figure out the Canada Child Benefit Amount. People and their spouses must file tax returns every year to keep getting CCB funds.

How much does Canada’s Child Benefit pay for each child?
  • $7,437 a year, or $619.75 a month. (child younger than six)
  • $6,275 a year, or $522.91 a month. (child between the ages of 6 and 17)

Also, these CCB amounts start going down when the AFNI goes above $34,863. If a family has one qualified kid and their AFNI is between $34,863 and $75,537, the payment will be cut by 7%. It will be $2,847 plus 3.2% of their AFNI that is more than $75,537 if their AFNI is more than $75,537. How much and what share of the tax is cut off depends on how many children you have and your AFNI cap.

Extra Payment for the Canada Child Benefit

Eligible people can get an extra payment on top of their Canada Child Benefit Payment if they have also applied for Child Disability Benefits. Someone who wants to get Child Disability Payment for a child under 18 can do so if the child is qualified for DTC. The CRA gives the qualified child Form T2201 to do this.

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Each child gets $261.41 a month, or $3,173 a year, from the CDB. The CDB’s benefits also decrease when the AFNI goes over the limit set by the CRA. This is similar to the CCB. It will be 3.2% less if the family makes more than $75,537 a year and has one child who is qualified for the DTC.

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