Navigating Safe Harbor by Sundie Seefried

Federal laws make it difficult for cannabis businesses to open checking or savings accounts in federally insured financial institutions. The result is an industry that has been forced to pay its bills, employees, suppliers, and taxes in cash. Enter Safe Harbor Private Banking. Concerned about the risks a cash-based industry poses to public safety, it plunged into cannabis banking determined to take money off the streets and to offer law-abiding businesses a port in a turbulent sea. Its experiences serving the cannabis industry offer a primer for other bankers considering a similar program and for policy makers and regulators eager to bring stability to a topsy-turvy marketplace.

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“A pioneering program for marijuana-related businesses in Colorado that is providing banking services to the industry while keeping our communities safer.”

— Congressman Ed Perlmutter

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Bloomberg covers "The Women Behind Cannabis Banking" in this video featuring CEO Sundie Seefried and her team.


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