• Safely navigate your way to secure & fully compliant Cannabis banking
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Safely Navigate Your Way to Secure
& Fully Compliant Cannabis Banking

What is Safe Harbor Banking

Safe Harbor is the nation’s first and only subscription-based banking program designed to help both financial institutions and dispensary owners create a legitimate business banking relationship that is fully compliant with current and future governmental regulations.

Our program utilizes an electronic portal that monitors all transactions and fully automates report generation to insure both the dispensary and financial institution remain completely compliant and are operating within established governmental guidelines. Since 2014, Safe Harbor has taken in billions of dollars in deposits without any problems.


Safe Harbor lets you establish a direct business banking relationship with a bank or credit union committed to your business. It’ll make everything from payroll to taxes easier and safer than running a cash-only operation.


Safe Harbor handles the most labor intensive aspects of servicing MRB customers including extensive vetting, monitoring and compliance report generation. Eide Bailly also provides ongoing independent monitoring.


Navigating Safe Harbor: Cannabis Banking in a Time of Uncertainty

After Colorado voters approved the sale and use of medicinal and recreational cannabis, the state’s landscape was changed. Suddenly, dispensaries and grow houses were everywhere, and customers numbered in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. But federal laws make it difficult for cannabis businesses to open checking or savings accounts in federally insured financial institutions. It’s nearly impossible for these businesses to wire funds, access lines of credit, or maintain payroll accounts. The result is an industry that has been forced to pay its bills, employees, suppliers, and taxes in cash. Briefcases and backpacks full of cash.

Enter Safe Harbor Private Banking. Concerned about the risks a cash-based industry poses to public safety, it plunged into cannabis banking determined to take money off the streets and to offer law-abiding businesses a port in a turbulent sea. Its experiences serving the cannabis industry offer a primer for other bankers considering a similar program and for policy makers and regulators eager to bring
stability to a topsy-turvy marketplace.

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Fully Compliant Cannabis Banking

The Safe Harbor Banking Program helps dispensaries get the standard banking services that every other business owner uses. We work with your dispensary to validate and verify your operational compliance and then connect you with a participating financial institution interested in having you as a legitimate business customer of theirs. We also take care of the labor-intensive monitoring and reporting aspects of the banking equation, so you can focus on growing your retail business knowing your business and money are secure.

  • A direct business banking relationship with a bank interested in your business
  • Fair and reasonable account fees with no high-risk customer penalties
  • The increased safety and security of being able to deposit your daily receipts

Worry-Free Onboarding and Service of Marijuana Related Business (MRB) Customers

Safe Harbor is a turnkey program that allows financial institutions to retain complete control while embracing the booming yet underserved MRB customer market. We extensively vet potential MRB customers, market your services under the Safe Harbor program, automate transaction monitoring and compliance report generation, and incorporate ongoing independent program monitoring—all to provide you an easy, secure way to extend your customer base through the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry.

  • Fully vetted MRB business customers desiring a direct banking relationship
  • Automated transaction monitoring with built in red flag notification