Understanding CPC or SCP Charges on Your Credit Card.

When you look at your credit card bill and don’t know what the charge is for, it can be scary. You might think it’s a scam right away, but there’s usually a simple reason.

This is often the case if your credit card was charged for a CPC or SCP.

You might not know what this is if you’ve never seen one. Don’t worry, though; it’s not a scam. This is a Canada Post fee.

Find out more about these charges, such as what they are and why you might see one on your bill.

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What Does CPC/SCP Mean?

CPC means the Canada Post Corporation, which runs the mail service in the country. But it’s also known as SCP, which stands for Societe Canadienne des Postes. The letters CPC and SCP on your credit card bill are just symbols used by Canada Post Corporation.

The Canada Post Corporation has been around since 1867. Before it changed its name, it was known as the Royal Mail of Canada. Canada has more than 6,000 post offices right now.

It works with both individual and business clients and ships mail and packages both within and between countries. It serves a lot of different places and offers many different services.

What Does the CPC/SCP Charge on Your Card Look Like?

Understanding CPC or SCP Charges on Your Credit Card.

So, why does your credit card show a CPC/SCP charge? There are a lot of people who see these types of things from time to time.

You will see the CPC/SCP charge if you use your credit card to buy something from Canada Post.

Of course, you may not have bought something from Canada Post directly. This is where most of the confusion comes from. You may have bought something from a different store in Canada or another country.

When you use a Mastercard or Visa, you may see a charge from CPC/SCP. This is because Canada Post often charges import fees and other fees.

You might not understand right away what it has to do with, but you can be sure it’s real and not a scam.

Things that Canada Post Could Charge as CPC/SCP

This charge could be from the USA or another country that you bought something from. That fee, along with taxes and customs fees, is something you might see.

But if you buy something that is shipped within the United States, you might also see a CPC/SCP charge on your bill.

Canada Post does a lot of other things too. You can get gift cards, send money, and even do some banking through it. It also delivers and ships packages.


You might see a CPC or SPC charge on your credit card account every time you pay Canada Post with a credit card. However, do not fret as this fee is not a fake one.

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You can call your credit card company to find out more, though, if you don’t understand the fee or think you were charged wrongly.


1. Is the CPC/SPC charge on my credit card real?

The Canada Post Corporation sets the rates for CPC and SPC. These prices are real and not a scam. Most of the time, they have to do with shipping.

2. If I see a CPC/SPC charge on my credit card bill, what should I do?

Figure out why you were charged. It usually has to do with a shipping fee for something you bought. If you can’t figure out where the charge came from, call the company that issued your credit card.

3. What is a category name for a merchant?

Credit card companies in Canada give four-digit codes to places in Canada, like gas stations and grocery stores, to help them figure out what kind of business it is.

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