Does Canada Have a Cash App? Explore 6 Alternatives in 2024

For example, you can trade cryptocurrencies online with Cash App, which is a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform that lets you give and receive money.

The Cash App can only be used by people in the United States and the United Kingdom, so this app is not available in Canada.

But people in Canada can use many apps instead of Cash App, like Neo Money, KOHO, Wise, and PayPal.

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You Can’t Get the Cash App in Canada.

Canada doesn’t have Cash App by Square, but here are some great apps you can use instead:

AlternativeFeaturesTransfer SpeedFees and Costs
Neo MoneyEarn cashback on all purchases; free unlimited transactionse-Transfers may take up to 45 minutesNo monthly fees
KOHOCashback card, Budgeting appInstant or up to 3 hoursFree and paid plans ($0 to $19)
WiseLarge amount transfers, Multicurrency accountsInstant or up to 2 working daysFees vary by currency and type of transaction
Wealthsimple CashPay for purchases, Send/receive money, Invest money Instant for cash and savings, Up to 7 days for other accountsNo monthly fees, but some financial transactions have charges 
PayPalSimple money transfers, secured buying/selling transactions Instant or up to 3 business daysVary based on transaction type 
Interac e-TransferSend/receive money within Canada Typically within minutes Free to receive, but sending fees vary based on your bank account

The Best Alternatives to Cash Apps in Canada

There are other apps you can use in Canada besides Cash App if you want to split bills with your friends and send cash right away without having to pay a fee.

  • New Money
  • Wise
  • Simple Cash for Wealth
  • KOHO
  • Access Interac
  • Pay with PayPal
  1. New Money
  • There is a new type of debit card called the Neo Financial Money Card. It’s a great option for Cash App and has several benefits, including:
  • Earn 5% cash back at Neo partners (more than 12,000 locations) and 1% cash back on regular purchases like groceries and gas. With welcome offers, you can get up to 15% cash back on your first buy at partner stores.
  • Interest Earnings: For every dollar you put into your Neo Money account with this card, you can earn 2.25% interest.
  • No yearly Fees: Everyday transactions are free, and there are no yearly fees.
  • Real-time Notifications: Get quick updates on what’s going on with your account, and you can freeze or unfreeze your card at any time.
  • Easy Bill Payments: You can set up payments to be made automatically from your Neo Money account.
  • Instant Use: Once approved, the card can be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay and used right away.
  • CDIC Protection: Deposits can be protected by the CDIC, which makes sure they are safe and sound.

When you buy something with your new Neo Money card for the first time, you get an extra $20. This guide will help you understand how it works better.

Does Canada Have a Cash App? Explore 6 Alternatives in 2024
  1. KOHO

KOHO is both a prepaid card that can be reloaded and an app. If you live in Canada and want an alternative to Cash App, the KOHO app can do more than just P2P payments.

These are the main KOHO features:

  • Cashback Card: If you pay for things with the free KOHO Prepaid Mastercard, you can get up to 1% cash back on groceries and gas, and up to 5% cash back at partner stores. When you become a paid KOHO member, your base return rate goes up.
  • Free Transactions: KOHO users can use Interac e-Transfer, and bank cards, and pay their bills for free. You can also give cash to other KOHO users right away.
  • Earn Interest: All users can earn up to 5% interest on their amount.
  • The money in your account is kept at Peoples Trust, a bank that is protected by the CDIC.
  • Budgeting App: KOHO is a flexible app that can be used to make a budget and set up regular savings for different financial goals.

When new KOHO users sign up here and make their first buy, they get a $20 bonus.

  1. Smart Transfer of Money

There are more than 160 countries where you can use Wise to send money to other countries. It used to be called TransferWise, and more than 16 million people use it.

Wise can also be used to send money across borders, unlike Cash App.

You get more for your money because it has low fees and exchange rates that are competitive with the mid-market.

If you get a Wise multi-currency account, you can keep 53 different currencies in it and get a bank card that works in 200 countries.

Read this review to find out more about Wise. Here, you can send your first Wise message for free.

  1. Easy Money Wealth
  • Wealthsimple Cash is like a Cash App for people in Canada. You can use it for free and get these benefits:
  • Instant Transfers: Friends and pretty much anyone else on your contacts list who has the app can send or receive money right away.
  • No Fees: This app doesn’t charge you to give or receive money. It’s also free to deposit and withdraw money.
  • Card: The Wealthsimple Cash Card works like a Mastercard that you pay for ahead of time. When you buy something, you get 1% cashback.

Dollar Sign: Get a unique username (handle) that lets people know who they are giving money to.

  1. Pay with PayPal

You can send and receive money in Canada and around the world with PayPal. Like Cash App, it also owns Venmo, which is used in the US.

It’s free to accept payments through PayPal from family and friends, but you may have to pay fees to send money abroad or use the service for business

Does Canada Have a Cash App? Explore 6 Alternatives in 2024
  1. e-Transfer to Interac

You can also use Interac e-Transfer to move money between two bank accounts, which is a safe option to Cash App.

When you use an Interac e-Transfer, your bank may let you send them for free, but sometimes you may have to pay a fee for each one.

Anyone with a Canadian bank account and an email address can receive e-Transfers.

How the Cash App Works

Square Inc. runs the Cash App. It began in 2013 and now has millions of users. You can get the app from both the App Store and Google Play.

For free, you can get the Cash App and make your “$Cashtag,” which is your account’s unique username. Then, you can use it to send or receive money.

To send a payment, open the Cash app and enter the recipient’s email address, phone number, or $Cashtag. You can also read their QR code.

Some other cool things about Cash App are:

Cash Card: This Visa bank card is free, and you can use it with both Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Direct Deposits: You can set up direct deposits in Cash App so that your paycheck and tax return come straight to your account. It also lets you get your paycheck two days early.

Trading stocks: Cash App users can buy stocks straight from the app for as little as $1. It gives you access to hundreds of stocks and lets you buy partial shares.

You can buy and sell Bitcoin early from your Cash App account. Also, it’s free to send Bitcoin to other people.

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How to Use Cash App Canada

Can I get Cash App in Canada?

No, you can’t get Cash App anywhere else but the US and UK. Neo Money, KOHO, Wealthsimple Cash, and Wise are the best Cash Apps in Canada.

Is it possible to send money from the US Cash App to Canada?

Cash App can only be used to send money to people who have signed up for it. They can live in the UK or the US. Cash App payments can’t be sent to people in Canada.

Does Venmo work in Canada?

No, you can’t use Venmo in Canada. You don’t have to use Venmo to send money. You can use Neo Money or Wealthsimple Cash instead.

Can Zelle be used in Canada?

No, Zelle is only for people who live in the United States.

How can I send money from the US to Canada in the best way?

A straight bank wire transfer or a money transfer app like Wise, Xe, PayPal, or Remitly can make it easy to send money from the US to Canada.

I’m in Canada. Can I send an e- transfer to the US?

As long as you have a qualified Canadian bank account (like National Bank), you can send an Interac e-Transfer to someone in another country. This is possible thanks to a partnership between Western Union and Mastercard.

Which apps can send money between the US and Canada?

In both places, PayPal and Wise work.

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