What Are the Interest Rates and GIC Rates Offered by TD Bank in Canada?

You will learn about the TD GIC Rates in this article: What are the interest rates and GIC rates for TD Bank Canada? The TD trustees offer a low-risk investment in the form of TD GICs. You have the safe and secure option to increase your amount with the TD GIC.

When the investment plans expire, you will get interest and the full amount that the TD invested for the specified duration. Continue reading this post to learn more vital details about TD FIC Rates, its rates, and more.

Rates for TD GIC

A variety of deposit programs that increase your money after the investment are available with the TD GIC, a term deposit guaranteed investment certificate. For a predetermined time, it offers fixed rates of return.

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But your investments will accrue a certain amount thanks to the TD GIC Rates. The short- and long-term GIC rates are covered in further detail in this article.

How Can I Check Canadian TD GIC Rates?

Financially speaking, Canada appears to be a country that is getting bigger every day. We would like to express our gratitude to the government for enabling banks such as TD to offer Guaranteed Investment Certificates to the public.

The primary portal must be browsed by account holders to check TD GIC rates in Canada. They must click on the GIC Rates on the main page after completing the sign-in process. They will then see the details on the screen.

What are the GIC rates at TD Bank Canada?

What Are the Interest Rates and GIC Rates Offered by TD Bank in Canada?

You are saving in the interim for any significant investments, a down payment, or your big buy. TD offers additional services that support you in achieving your objective, which is a respectable interest rate on your entire amount.

It offers five distinct, stress-free alternatives for you to invest your money and earn a healthy return. These five methods consist of:

  • Market Growth GICs: They operate without putting your money in danger, based only on the potential and growth of the stock market. Additionally, it offers a fee-free plan with a guaranteed interest return based on the conditions, minimum investment, and plan.
  • Special Offer GICs: The duration, which ranges from 100 days to three years with 5.25% interest rates PA, will determine the outcome. A fixed rate of return and a minimum investment of 500 CAD are required for this. It’s a type of medium- and short-term investment.
  • Cashable GICs: are excellent short- and long-term investments. For the duration of your return, it offers a guaranteed return rate. With a 3% annual rate of return, it offers terms that are variable and range from thirty days to five years.
  • Non-cashable GICs: An investor cannot cash out of these instruments before the maturity retro. Your money is completely safe during this term, which has a customizable duration of 30 days to 5 years and an annual rate of return of 5.35%.
  • With TD U.S. Dollar, an investor can earn and invest in US dollars at a 4.45% annual percentage rate for a maximum of five five-year periods. Investors can do this for as little as USD 1,000 and invest for as long as five years.

From the aforementioned varieties, it is evident that an individual may choose from them. These kinds of tax aid apply to government regulations.

Interest Rates for TD GIC

What Are the Interest Rates and GIC Rates Offered by TD Bank in Canada?

The short-term, long-term (SI), and long-term (CI) components are among the variables that affect the TD GIC rates.

In the Short Term

TermRegistered and Non- registered
For 30 Days2.25% (only for TFSA)
For 60 Days2.50% ( for TFSA)
For 90 Days2.75 per cent
For 120 Days3 per cent
For 180 Days3.25 percent
For 270 Days3.50 per cent

The interest rates change based on the number of days in the term. The interest rate is 2.50 for both 30 and 60 days, and this is exclusive to the TFSA.

Rates for Long Term Simple Interest at TD GIC

TermRegistered and Non-registered
For One year5.35 Percent
For Two years5.30 percent
For Three years5 per cent
For Four years5 per cent
For Five year5%

The first-term plan offered by Long Term has an interest rate of 5.25% and lasts for one year. The interest rate remains at 5% for the years 3 through 5. At 5.30%, the two-year term plan offers the highest rate of simple interest.

TD GIC Long-Term Compound Interest rates

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TermRegistered and Non- registered
For One year5.35 percent
For Two years5.30 percent
For Three Years5 per cent
For Four years5 per cent
For Five years5 per cent

The term affects compound interest rates. An investor will receive 5.35% interest for a one-year plan, and for a three- to five-year term, they will receive the same interest rate of 5%.

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