Dates for Making GST Payments in 2024: When Are the GST Dates in Canada? Amount, Method

Read on to learn more about GST Payment Dates: What dates do I need to pay my GST in Canada in 2024? How much and how to do it from this piece? Different details about GST Payment Dates: What dates do I need to pay my GST in Canada in 2024? This page has information about Amount & Process and other important topics.

Dates for Paying GST

Canadians with low or moderate incomes get GST payments every three months. They can lessen the amount of GST they have to pay on goods and services throughout the year by making this payment every three months.

In Canada, the federal government pays for GST credits, and the Canada Revenue Agency gives them out. People only need to file their taxes, even if they don’t have any income to report, to get their GST payments.

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When to Pay GST in Canada in 2024

NameGST Credit
Funded ByFederal Government
Payments Issued byCanada Revenue Agency
Payment FrequencyQuarterly
Maximum GST Payment496 dollars (Single) | 650 dollars (married/having a common-law partner) | 171 dollars (for each child under 19)

What Dates Do I Need to Pay My GST in Canada in 2024?

On the fifth of July, October, January, and April, you have to pay GST. For these GST payments, 2022 is used as the starting year, and the payments will be made from July 2024 to June 2024.

Every so often, CRA changes the times of payments and other important details about the GST Credit. You can find out this information by going to the Canadian Government page. On October 5, 2024, the last GST payment of 2024 was made. The following GST Payment is planned to be sent on January 5, 2024.

Dates for Making GST Payments in 2024: When Are the GST Dates in Canada? Amount, Method

These are the GST payments that were made in 2024:

  • October 5
  • July 5

In 2024, the following GST payments will be made:

  • January 5
  • April 5

Reasons for Delay in GST Payment

Even though GST payments are made on a set date, it can still take some time for them to get to the right people. Most of the time, payments sent through Direct Deposit arrive faster than payments sent through the mail (check).

The direct payment, on the other hand, may not arrive for up to 10 days. People should wait at least 10 business days before calling the Canada Revenue Agency if they have not gotten their payment.

If someone chooses to get paid by check, they will get the check in the mail. But mail can take a while to get to some places for different reasons. Because of this, people are told to pick Direct transfer so that they can get their money faster. Through CRA My Account, you can do this.

Also, wildfires are affecting some of the places. As a result, getting GST payments through checks may take longer than planned. People should call the Canada Post to find out more about what’s going on and how to solve their problems.

Canada’s GST Applies

Canada’s ability to join For GST, a person must live in Canada and be at least 19 years old. Parents who share care of their child might get a GST credit for half of it.

When people file their taxes, the GST credit is usually taken into account. People who just moved to the area must fill out the necessary forms to receive GST payments.

  • If you are going to have kids, fill out Form RC66.
  • If you don’t have any kids, fill out Form RC151.

They need to return these forms to their tax centers. If someone has a child and has applied for CCB, they may already be getting the GST Credit for children.

Canada GST Amount and How to Do It

Dates for Making GST Payments in 2024: When Are the GST Dates in Canada? Amount, Method

In general, the GST amount is based on the AFNI and the number of children under 19 who are qualified (registered for CCB and GST Credit). Taking these things into account, the most GST Payments someone can get is

496 dollars if they are single and 650 dollars if they are married or live with someone else.
$171 – for every child who is qualified (under 19)

People who get these benefits should make sure that their CRA information is always up to date. This will help them escape getting paid too little or too much. A rise in the AFNI for the base year can also affect the GST payments that begin in July.

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Things that can change the GST amount are –

  • Since the child is 19 years old,
  • AFNI has changed
  • change in the number of children in care who are qualified
  • start or stop having shared custody
  • Getting married or divorced

AFNI says that the numbers can be checked using the GST Credit Payment Chart that the CRA gives out. The website of the Canadian Government has more information on GST Payments, such as amounts to be paid and important dates

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