Canada’s Long Weekend 2024: Full List of Long Weekends in Toronto, Alberta, and Other Places

Are you looking forward to the holiday? This post has everything you need to know about Long Weekend 2024 Canada: Full List of Long Weekend in Toronto, Alberta, and More. For the coming year, the official holidays have been set. The list of Long Weekend Canada events we shared in this post can help people plan their year.

Canada’s Long Weekend 2024

We look forward to our dream holiday all year, and what better time than a long weekend to go? Since schools and businesses are closed during this time, the whole family can spend time together.

There may be more than one vacation close to a weekend. These kinds of weekends are a welcome break from the daily grind. These holidays may also be different based on where you live. Follow the links to learn more about the long weekend.

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What is Canada’s Long Weekend in 2024?

Yes! In Canada, at least ten long weekends are coming up next year. This number could be a little different in each state. Most of the time, a holiday that lasts for three days or more is called a “long weekend.”

A lot of these events are not in April, July, or December. It has to be either a Friday or a Monday for the holiday. You can plan a quick trip or a long break with family or friends.

List of All the Long Weekends in Canada

Canada's Long Weekend 2024: Full List of Long Weekends in Toronto, Alberta, and Other Places

In most places, the official holidays are pretty much the same, with only a few small differences. Here is a full list of everything you need to know about Canada’s long weekends. These will also include events that are unique to some places.

New Year’sDec 30th to Jan 1st (there can also be an additional holiday for the Day after New Year’s on Jan 2nd.)
Family DayFeb 17th to Feb 19th
Good Friday + EasterMarch 29th to April 1st
Victoria DayMay 18th to May 20th
Canada DayJune 29th to July 1st
Civic HolidayAug 3rd to Aug 5th
Labour DayAug 31st to Sept 2nd
Truth and Reconciliation DaySept 28th to Sept 30th
ThanksgivingOct 12th to Oct 14th
Remembrance DayNov 9th to Nov 11th
Christmas + Boxing DayDec 25th to Dec 29th (excluding Dec 27th)

You can use the above vacations to work on a hobby, take it easy, or travel with your family to different parts of the country.

What to Do on A Saturday or Sunday?

When planning a short trip, Canada has a lot of places to see. There is an endless list of interesting places with beautiful drives. These places can be seen, and anyone can get to them by any method they choose. Here are a few areas where you can spend the long weekend.

Long Weekend in Ontario

We’ve all heard of Niagara Falls, right? But only a few of us know about the Niagara on the Lake. This lake is a great place for a picnic because it is close to the falls. It is a must-see for wine lovers because there are many wineries in the area.

People from all over the province love to visit Ottawa. Many historical palaces in this area amaze tourists with their beauty. The Capital is without a question a treasure to be found, with lots of cool places to visit.

Canada's Long Weekend 2024: Full List of Long Weekends in Toronto, Alberta, and Other Places

For beach fans, the Bruce Peninsula is the best place to go. It’s only a few hours from Toronto. In the area, there are also places to go camping and spend time in nature.

Long Weekend in Montreal

When you come here, you’re in for a treat. There are many historical sites there, so people can learn about the past of the area. People who love to shop can go to the market and take a walk; there are shops on the sides of the roads and even below the ground.

Long Weekend in Alberta

Another place in Canada that will make you forget about all your worries over the long weekend is Calgary. You should not miss the chance to walk on the glass floor at the Calgary Tower.

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Another place close to Calgary that lets you get away to the hot springs in the Rockies is Banff. It’s the perfect vacation for mountain fans because there are so many hiking trails.

We’ve only talked about a few of the many places you can spend the long weekend. Enjoy your vacations and go to different parts of the country to have times you’ll never forget!

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