Canada Housing Payment Date for 2024: Eligibility Details Available at

The Canadian government, in collaboration with the Province of New Brunswick, has introduced the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024 program to assist low-income renters struggling to afford rent. This one-time payment aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by many Canadians and ensure stable housing.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the program, including eligibility criteria, application details, and the expected payment date.

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Who is Eligible for the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024?

The $500 Canada Housing Payment is specifically designed to help residents of New Brunswick who are facing challenges affording rent due to lower-paying jobs. To qualify for the payment, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Age Requirement: Be 15 years of age or older.
  • Residency: Be a resident of Canada for tax purposes in 2023.
  • Income Threshold: Have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $35,000 or less for families and $20,000 or less for individuals.
  • Tax Filing: Have filed taxes for the years 2022 and 2023.

It’s important to note that those who do not meet these criteria will not be eligible for the payment.

When Will the $500 Canada Housing Payment Be Disbursed?

While the exact date hasn’t been officially announced, based on the previous year’s program, the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024 is expected to be distributed in April 2024. This aligns with the timeframe mentioned in several sources, including pstet 2024 and

We recommend checking the official Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website ( closer to April 2024 for any updates or confirmations regarding the specific payment date.

How Will the Payment Be Delivered?

The $500 Canada Housing Payment will be delivered to recipients through two methods:

  • Direct Deposit: This is the preferred method and will result in faster access to the funds. The processing time for direct deposit is typically 5 to 7 business days.
  • Mail Check: If you haven’t opted for direct deposit or haven’t provided your banking information, the payment will be sent by mail check. Delivery times for mailed checks can take longer, ranging from 10 to 12 business days.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will notify recipients about the chosen delivery method beforehand.

Application Process for the $500 Canada Housing Payment

The application process for the $500 Canada Housing Payment is expected to be conducted online through the CRA website ( Specific details regarding the application process are likely to be released closer to the disbursement date.

Here are some anticipated steps involved in the application process based on previous programs:

  1. Visit the CRA website: Access the dedicated section for the $500 Canada Housing Payment program on the CRA website.
  2. Log in or Register: You will need to log in to your My Account on the CRA website if you already have one. If not, you’ll need to register for an account.
  3. Complete the Application: Follow the instructions and provide the necessary information required for the application. This may include details about your income, rental payments, and residency status.
  4. Submit Application: Once you’ve completed the application form and reviewed the information, submit it electronically.

Documents Required (subject to confirmation by CRA):

Canada Housing Payment Date for 2024: Eligibility Details Available at

While the official list of documents hasn’t been confirmed yet, here are some documents you might need to have readily available when applying:

  • Proof of rent payments, including rental amount, rental property address, dates rent was paid, and the name of the landlord or business that received the payment.
  • Proof of income

We recommend keeping these documents organized and accessible for a smooth application process.

Appealing a Rejected Application

If your application for the $500 Canada Housing Payment is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision within 90 days. To initiate an appeal, you’ll need to submit a request that includes:

  • A clear explanation of why you disagree with the decision.
  • Any relevant documents, new information, or correspondence that supports your claim.
  • Your current phone number and home address.

The CRA will then conduct a second review of your application by individuals who were not involved in the initial decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024

1. What is the benefit of the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024?

The primary benefit of the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024 is to provide financial assistance to low-income renters in New Brunswick who are struggling to afford their rent. This one-time payment can help alleviate the burden of rent payments and contribute to greater housing stability.

2. Who will get the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024?

The $500 Canada Housing Payment is targeted toward residents of New Brunswick, aged 15 years or older, who meet the income eligibility criteria. This program specifically aims to support individuals and families with lower incomes who face challenges affording rent due to their employment situation.

3. Is the $500 Canada Housing Payment taxable?

No, the $500 Canada Housing Payment is not considered taxable income. You will not be required to report this payment on your income tax return.

4. Can I use the $500 Canada Housing Payment for anything other than rent?

The $500 Canada Housing Payment is intended to be used towards rent payments. However, the government doesn’t impose restrictions on how you spend the money. It’s ultimately up to the recipient to decide how to utilize the funds.

5. What happens if I move out of New Brunswick after receiving the payment?

There is no requirement to remain a resident of New Brunswick after receiving the $500 Canada Housing Payment. You are not obligated to repay the funds if you relocate outside the province.

6. What if I don’t have a bank account for direct deposit?

If you don’t have a bank account, you can still apply for the $500 Canada Housing Payment. In such cases, the payment will be sent via mail check. However, keep in mind that mailed checks can take longer to receive compared to direct deposit.

7. Where can I find more information about the $500 Canada Housing Payment 2024?

The official source for information regarding the $500 Canada Housing Payment program is expected to be the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website: We recommend checking the website closer to April 2024 for program updates, application details, and confirmation of the disbursement date.

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