Top Affordable Places to Get Secondhand Books in Canada

For book lovers, the joy of getting lost in a captivating story is unparalleled. But let’s face it, brand-new books can come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, there are fantastic ways to indulge your reading passion without breaking the bank. Here’s a treasure map leading you to the 11 cheapest places to buy used books in Canada!

Online Gems: Convenience at Your Fingertips

1. AbeBooks: A Global Marketplace for Bibliophiles

    Embrace the thrill of the hunt with AbeBooks, an international online marketplace dedicated to used books, fine arts, and collectibles. Imagine browsing through book listings from over 50 countries! This platform increases your chances of finding that rare gem or completing a beloved series. While not all sellers offer free shipping, the sheer variety and potential for unique finds make AbeBooks a goldmine for bibliophiles.

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    2. Book Outlet: The Discount Bookstore Paradise

      Calling all bargain hunters! Book Outlet, Canada’s largest bargain bookstore chain since 1994, is a haven for budget-conscious bookworms. Prepare to be surprised by discounts of up to 90% on select titles. They even have a “Discount Aisle” brimming with treasures waiting to be discovered.

      Plus, orders over $45 qualify for free shipping. Keep in mind that these deals often involve overstocked books, so pristine conditions might not always be guaranteed. But for the sheer value, Book Outlet is a steal.

      3. Amazon: Unveiling the Hidden Used Book Selection

        You might be surprised to find Amazon on this list! While it’s primarily known for new products, Amazon also offers a vast selection of used books sold by authorized third-party vendors. The key here is to be a savvy searcher. Locate the book you want, then look for the “Other options” text under the format (Hardcover or Softcover). This reveals a selection of used copies, often at much lower prices.

        4. ThriftBooks: A Haven for Affordable Reads

          Exclusively dedicated to the world of used books, ThriftBooks is a treasure trove for budget-minded readers. They boast over 640,000 positive reviews and a staggering collection of millions of secondhand books in various formats, conditions, and languages.

          While ThriftBooks offers incredible deals, their warehouses are located in the US. This means orders from Canada can take 10 to 12 days to arrive. But for the fantastic prices, a little wait might be worth it.

          5. Better World Books: Feel-Good Reading with a Social Impact

            Looking for a way to combine your love of reading with social responsibility? Better World Books, established in 2003, is a for-profit company with a heart. For every book purchased, they donate a book to someone in need.

            Over the past two decades, they’ve donated over 32 million books, making a real difference in the world. Buying from Better World Books is similar to Amazon or Book Outlet. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $15, but be prepared for a delivery window of 10 to 21 days.

            Local Discoveries: The Thrill of the Hunt

            Top Affordable Places to Get Secondhand Books in Canada

            6. Facebook Marketplace: Unveiling Hidden Gems in Your Community

              Facebook Marketplace isn’t just for furniture and clothes! It’s a fantastic platform for finding used books near you. Here, you can scrutinize pictures of the books for sale, verify seller profiles through Facebook, and avoid shady deals. Plus, Facebook Marketplace facilitates in-person transactions, eliminating shipping fees and allowing you to inspect the book’s condition before handing over your cash.

              7. Kijiji: A Treasure Trove in Your City

                Kijiji, another popular online platform with over 16 million users, is teeming with used books at affordable prices. Many listings might even be in your own city! To snag a deal, simply search for the books you desire and contact the seller directly. Be prepared to arrange a meeting and potentially negotiate the price. But hey, that in-person interaction can be an opportunity to connect with a fellow bookworm!

                8. eBay: The Global Bargaining Bazaar

                  The world of secondhand items awaits on eBay! This international platform allows you to browse used books not just from Canada but from across the globe. This opens doors to finding rare finds and potentially negotiating the best prices. Remember, some books have fixed prices, while others are up for auction. Always compare prices and factor in shipping costs before clicking “buy.”

                  Beyond the Web: Unveiling Offline Gems

                  9. Yard Sales: Unveiling Bargain Bundles

                  Yard sales, or garage sales, are a treasure trove for bookworms on a budget. Here, you’ll often find sellers looking to declutter, making them more open to negotiating prices. With a bit of searching, you might unearth a box of hidden gems or snag a fantastic bundle deal.

                  The thrill of the hunt and the potential for unique finds make yard sales an exciting adventure for book lovers. The downside? Selection isn’t guaranteed, and you might not find exactly what you’re looking for. But with a little luck and an open mind, you can walk away with a stack of great reads for a song.

                  10. Thrift Stores: Pre-Loved Books at Unbeatable Prices

                    Thrift stores are another haven for budget-conscious bookworms. These retailers offer an incredible variety of pre-loved books at unbelievably low prices. Many stores also have discount days or special promotions where you can snag even better deals. Just remember, the condition of the books might vary. Take some time to browse the selection and inspect each book carefully before adding it to your pile.

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                    11. Your Local Library: Borrow, Don’t Buy!

                      For the ultimate budget-friendly option, look no further than your local library! Libraries offer a vast collection of books you can borrow for free. This is a fantastic way to explore new authors, discover hidden gems, and save money on your reading habits. While borrowing might not be ideal for building your personal collection, it’s a perfect choice for trying out new books or re-reading old favorites.

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