Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024: Must Know Eligibility & Payment Dates!

New summer benefit program for low- and middle-income families has been introduced by the US Department of Agriculture. The Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program is the name of the initiative. With schools out for the summer, this seeks to give qualifying families and kids between the ages of 0 and 22 more advantages.

Over the summer break, the initiative will help families and kids. The program will end along with the summer vacations. Benefits of $120 will be given to the school-age children and their families to spend on groceries at the farmer’s market or neighborhood supermarket. The second relevant component of the $120 Summer EBT will be decided by the states according on their preferences and conditions.

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Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024

The $120 summer EBT is intended to help the kids and their families by the USDA. The Summer EBT is a kind of debit card that the recipients can use at neighborhood farmer’s markets and supermarkets. You can only purchase raw materials for consumption with the Summer EBT card.

The Summer EBT is designed to provide the beneficiary uncooked food. While the children will be automatically eligible for the benefits, some families must meet the requirements for the SUN BUCKS $120 PROGRAM.

Children who have signed up for different kinds of programs will receive the benefits straight by text or email. The citizenship of the participants to the program has no bearing on their immigration status. It will help the kids and families, no matter where they are citizens.

The individuals and their children must remain in the US during the benefit period and have been for the previous three months. The $120 SUN BUCKS benefit will not change no matter how many qualifying kids there are. Every summer break from school, the kids will receive one $120 SUN BUCKS.

Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024: Overview

$120 one-time Summer EBT cardSun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024 
Official agencyUnited States Department of Agriculture
Country of OriginThe USA
Benefit amountOnly some children and families become automatically eligible other have to apply for the SUN BUCKS $120
Expected DatesSummer 2024
BeneficiariesChildren aged between 0-22
ParticipationOnly some children and families become automatically eligibleOther have to apply for the SUN BUCKS $120

Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024 Income Guidelines

Benefits will be given to families whose earnings are less than 185% of the federal poverty standards. The number of family members in the home will also affect the $120 SUN BUCKS advantages. A single person in a household must make $26973 minimum. And a family might earn up to $93536 annually at the most. The benefits under the SUN BUCKS $120 SUMMER EBT program will not be available to the families if their income exceeds the specified limits.

Children Eligible for Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024

  • Food and Nutrition Services or FNS. The family is enrolled in the FNS service
  • Foster care programs. The eligible children are put into foster care homes
  • Medicaid with household income below 185% of the federal poverty levels. The family is receiving the medical care through Medicaid program
  • Work first (temporary assistance for needy families or TANF). The family of the children is part of TANF
  • Free and reduced price meals at schools because they have application for FRP
  • If the children go to National School Lunch Program or NSLP and Community Eligibility Provisions or CEP. The children can apply for the SUN BUCKS benefits with qualifying family incomes

What can you buy from Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024?

Food and Nutrition Service allows qualified children and their families to purchase food. It need to be raw and undercooked food. The qualified people are not allowed to buy hot, already made meals. The people are not allowed to purchase tobacco, cigarettes, beer, wine, or liquor under the SUN BUCKS program. The people are not allowed to purchase non-food things like soaps and home goods.

One can purchase food-making plants and seeds. Additionally available for purchase are breads, fruit, vegetables, pork, chicken, eggs, bottled water and non-alcoholic beverages. People can also purchase prepared and not hot food. Everything that will make food edible can be purchased by the qualified people.

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What If Your Child Does Not Attend NSLP or CEP?

The family member will not be qualified for the Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024 benefits if they do not attend an NSLP and CEP. Either CEP or NSLP must be enrolled for the youngsters. Should the kids not be enrolled in NSLP or CEP, the family are not eligible for the benefits. The youngsters must be qualified for the benefits offered by the forthcoming SUMMER EBT PROGRAM.

The Sun Bucks New $120 Summer EBT Program 2024 benefits for the kids will begin in mid-June and early July. Should the states have differing rules and program implementation, the dates may vary. No matter how many children there are in a family, every eligible child will receive the benefits. Families and qualifying kids should go to the official SUN BUCKS website for further information.

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