May 2024 Rent/Mortgage Relief: Find Out if You Qualify and When Payments are Issued

Delaware’s Housing Assistance Program Offers Relief to Residents Impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic’s economic fallout left many struggling to make ends meet. With job losses and rising inflation, affording rent or mortgage payments became a challenge for countless families.

In response to this crisis, the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) launched the Delaware Housing Assistance Program (DE HAP) in 2022. This program provided financial aid to renters and homeowners facing financial hardship due to the pandemic.

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Delaware Housing Assistance Program Revived in May 2024

Following a successful initial run, the DE HAP program is back in May 2024 to assist residents still grappling with financial difficulties. The program is aimed at helping those who were impacted by COVID-19-related business closures, layoffs, or unpaid leaves.

Eligibility Criteria for $1500 Rent/Mortgage Relief

To qualify for the $1500 Rent/Mortgage Relief program, Delaware residents must meet specific criteria established by the DSHA. Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements:

  • Income Limits: Applicants’ pre-pandemic income (from before 2020) must fall below 80% of the area median income for their residence. The exact income limits will vary depending on location.
  • Financial Hardship: Applicants must demonstrate a financial hardship caused by COVID-19. This could include job loss, a significant increase in insurance costs, or other documented financial challenges.
  • Risk of Homelessness: Applicants facing potential homelessness due to inability to afford rent or mortgage payments can strengthen their case. Proof of past-due rent or utility bills, eviction notices, or experiences of homelessness within the household can be considered.

Delaware Housing Assistance Program Phase II Expands Eligibility

The revamped DE HAP program offers expanded benefits compared to its initial iteration. Notably, the program now caters to homeowners experiencing mortgage delinquency due to COVID-19-related financial hardship. This allows homeowners to apply for assistance alongside renters.

Increased Relief Amount: Up to $8,000 Available

May 2024 Rent/Mortgage Relief: Find Out if You Qualify and When Payments are Issued

The DE HAP program has also increased the maximum amount of financial aid offered. While the program initially provided up to $1500 per household, it has since been expanded to $8,000. This allows for more substantial assistance to those in dire need.

Payment Dates Yet to be Announced

As of May 11, 2024, the DSHA has not yet announced the specific payment dates for the revived DE HAP program. However, they have assured residents that updates will be made available on the official website,

How to Stay Updated on the DE HAP Program

Here are some ways to stay informed about the DE HAP program and its latest developments:

  • Monitor the DSHA Website: The Delaware State Housing Authority website ( is the official source for updates on the program, including application details, eligibility criteria, and payment dates.
  • Subscribe for Updates: You can subscribe to email notifications from the DSHA website to receive alerts directly regarding the DE HAP program.
  • Contact DSHA: For further inquiries, you can contact the Delaware State Housing Authority directly through their website or by phone.
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The Future of the DE HAP Program

The DE HAP program’s future remains subject to various factors. It’s crucial to stay updated on any potential changes, including:

  • Legislative Updates: Lawmakers may introduce changes to the program as they continue to address housing affordability challenges.
  • Eligibility Expansion: The program’s eligibility criteria may be expanded to include additional income brackets or populations.
  • Payment Schedule Adjustments: The payment schedule may be modified regarding distribution timelines or the possibility of multiple disbursements.
  • Application Process Updates: The application process may undergo revisions, such as new documentation requirements or streamlined procedures.

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